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Migrating Projects to 2.0.0

Why are there changes?

Caliburn.Micro 2.0.0 reflects a large change to the internal structure of the project. By splitting the code into two components (a portable assembly, and a number of platform specific assemblies) we better allow you to create code that’s dependent upon Caliburn.Micro in Portable Class libraries.

This change does create some breaking API changes, and as well we used the move 2.0.0 to clean up some of API to bring it more into line.

This document will try to outline all the changes you may see updating a project to 2.0.0. It’s currently not exhaustive and will be amended as required.

Breaking Changes

All Platforms

  • EventAggregator.Publish now takes an action to marshal the event. Use EventAggregator.PublishOnUIThread for the existing behaviour.
  • XAML namespace references to Caliburn.Micro for functionality such as Message.Attach should be renamed from clr-namespace:Caliburn.Micro;assembly=Caliburn.Micro to clr-namespace:Caliburn.Micro;assembly=Caliburn.Micro.Platform. On WPF if you’re using the xmlns:cm="" syntax then there’s no change. On WinRT platforms (Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1) the ` xmlns:cm=”using:Caliburn.Micro”` syntax will continue to work.
  • IResult uses CoroutineExecutionContext instead of ActionExecutionContext.
  • BootstrapperBase.Start is now called BootstrapperBase.Initialize
  • BootstrapperBase.Initialize and CaliburnApplication.Initialize is now NOT automatically called before the Display* methods. If you need it to be then call Initialise from the constructor.
  • BindableCollection<T> move operations aren’t automatically dispatched to the UI thread.
  • Bind.Model="some-key-string" is obsolete and should not be used.
  • ViewAware.CacheViews has been removed, use Views instead. ViewAware now uses weak values to hold a reference to the view.


  • Bootstrapper<T> has been removed. Use BootstrapperBase and override OnStartup with a call to DisplayRootViewFor<T>() instead.

Windows Phone

  • PhoneBootstrapper is now called PhoneBootstrapperBase.