Caliburn.Micro Xaml made easy

Obtain and build the code

Want to checkout the project

You can build it from source

Caliburn.Micro uses Git for source control.

We recommend you use GitHub Desktop client, GitKracken or GitAhead.

Get the code

1. Via the Caliburn.Micro git repository

  1. The Current release can be found on the project page.
  2. Select the green Code in the upper right.
    • Copy the address for cloning
    • Or download the zip file.
  3. Clone the project into your directory of choosing (or unzip)
    • example: git clone

2. Via the Caliburn.Micro git release page

  1. Releases page will get you specific commits that you can clone or download as a zip or tar.gz file.
  2. Follow the same instructions as Via the Caliburn.Micro git repository
  3. Checkout the specific commit you wish to work with using the commit_sha(Looks like: 56adb07)
    • code: git checkout -b <commit_sha>

Build the code

  1. Navigate to the folder where you cloned or unzipped the repository.
  2. Navigate to the src directory.
  3. Open Caliburn.Micro.sln.
  4. Press Ctrl+Shift+B (or use the Build menu) to build the solution.
  5. The assemblies will be generated in the bin directory under the root of the repository.


Projects in the solution were not loaded correctly

  • Problem:
    • When opening Caliburn.Micro.sln the project files show up as unloaded with the following error: error : The expression "[System.IO.Path]::GetDirectoryName('')" cannot be evaluated. The path is not of a legal form.
  • Solution:
    1. Close the project solution
    2. Open a terminal (powershell or command prompt)
    3. Find your .NET version by typing:
      dotnet --version
      • example response:
    4. In the Caliburn.Micro\sln folder open the Global.json file and edit the “sdk” to match your dotnet version.
      • example (original):
        "sdk": {
          "version": "3.1.101"
         "msbuild-sdks": {
            "MSBuild.Sdk.Extras": "2.0.54"
        • example (edited):
          "sdk": {
          "version": "3.1.402"
           "msbuild-sdks": {
            "MSBuild.Sdk.Extras": "2.0.54"
    5. Reload your project

Need more help?