Caliburn.Micro Xaml made easy

Async (Task Support)

From the beginning Caliburn.Micro uses IResult and Coroutines for asynchronous operations.

With .NET 4.0 Microsoft added Task to the .NET Framework for better supporting parallel/async operations. And in .NET 4.5 they added async/await keywords to C# and VB.NET.

Caliburn.Micro has extensions to support Task.

Instead of registering an callback when a coroutine is completed you now can await it:

public static class Coroutine {

    public static void BeginExecute(
		IEnumerator<IResult> coroutine, 
		CoroutineExecutionContext context = null, 
		EventHandler<ResultCompletionEventArgs> callback = null) { }

    public static Task ExecuteAsync(
		IEnumerator<IResult> coroutine,
		CoroutineExecutionContext context = null)  { }


A Task object can be wrapped in an IResult and used inside a coroutine as if it were an IResult:

public static class TaskExtensions {

    public static Task ExecuteAsync(
		this IResult result, CoroutineExecutionContext context = null) { }

    public static Task<TResult> ExecuteAsync<TResult>(
		this IResult<TResult> result,
		CoroutineExecutionContext context = null) { }

    public static TaskResult AsResult(this Task task) { }

    public static TaskResult<TResult> AsResult<TResult>(this Task<TResult> task) { }

yield return Task.Delay(500).AsResult();

The other way round also works as you can wrap an IResult in a Task by ExecuteAsync.

await new SimpleResult().ExecuteAsync();

And finally also EventAggregator supports Task with the IHandleWithTask interface.