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What you will learn

In this tutorial you will get a brief introduction to MVVM. It will be discussed if you need an MVVM Framework, especially Caliburn.Micro and how you can be prepared to start using Caliburn.Micro in the future.

You will learn to build a new WPF real world application using Caliburn.Micro from scratch. The learning pace will be slow. We start with simple things and in a fair number of steps more advanced technology will be added.

Caliburn.Micro supports a number of other platforms, next to WPF desktop applications. These platforms is not covered in this tutorial. Later other tutorials may be added to discuss that topic.

The code for the finished tutorial project can be found here:

Tutorial code

Feedback is welcome

Please enter your feedback in an issue I created in the Caliburn.Micro documentation project:

WPF tutorial feedback


For this tutorial, we assume you already have the following basic knowledge:

  • You have a fair knowledge of C#, .Net and WPF
  • You have a working knowledge with Visual Studio. In the tutorial we use Visual Studio 2019
  • You know how to get and install Nuget packages
  • You know about dependency inversion and interfaces
  • You know how events are created and used

If you miss some knowledge, the YouTube channel of Tim Corey is a good source for information. His videos are free, but he also offers paid courses of excellent quality.


For this tutorial Visual Studio 2019 will be used with .Net5.0 . This makes it a bit easier to migrate the tutorial later to the newer multiplatform solutions Microsoft is working on.

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