Caliburn.Micro Xaml made easy

Often unseen contributions

Lately I’ve been thinking about the work that goes into producing open source software and the often unseen contributions people and companies make. These companies provide software often for free to open source projects for often little thanks.

So here’s a quick list of the unseen / not really thought about support provided to Caliburn.Micro.

  • JetBrains provides a much needed open source license to Resharper.
  • GitHub provides Git hosting for the source and the hosting for this website.
  • Microsoft provides VSTS hosting for an experimental (at the moment) build server, an MSDN license for Visual Studio Enterprise and access to product teams for assistance.
  • The various control companies Telerik, Syncfusion and Infragistics, with access to the control libraries assists with testing.
  • Xamarin - When Xamarin was an independent company they provided a Business license.

Without their help I doubt we’d be able to have the software we have today, nor be in a position for even more change in the future.