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Caliburn.Micro 4.0.62.alpha preview

Today I’m really pleased to announce that I’ve pushed version 4.0.62-alpha to Nuget. This marks a pretty big step in that most of the interfaces provided by Caliburn.Micro have been migrated to an async implementation. This includes crucial classes for view model lifecycle such as:

  • IActivate
  • IDeactive
  • IConductor
  • IGuardClose

Obviously a change like thise can seem like a large breaking change, however the nature of these changes make the fixes quite small.

I’ve started documenting the changes and migration path to 4.0.0 which I encourage you all to read.

If you want to use more update to date builds as they become available then the CI feed for Caliburn.Micro.Core and Caliburn.Micro will be updated on every successful master build.

Most of the changes coming before the beta will be smaller ones, bug fixes and any missing async implementations.