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Caliburn.Micro 3.0.3 released

I’ve just pushed the 3.0.3 release of Caliburn.Micro to nuget.

This release reverts #339, this PR changed the way Caliburn.Micro resolved views from the container.

Previously the framework only called GetAllInstances to attempt to resolve the view, relying on the fact that most containers wouldn’t error when the view wasn’t resolved.

View Models however were resolved using GetInstance. #339 made this consistent calling GetInstance for both.

This was noted as a breaking change and included in 3.0.2 by mistake, it should not have been included as it caused exceptions when the developer was using an IoC container that threw exceptions on dependency resolution expcetions such as Autofac.

Since the release it’s become apparent this has been a problem so 3.0.3 reverts this change.

Apologies to anyone affected by this.s