Caliburn.Micro Xaml made easy

Caliburn.Micro 3.0.2 released

This is a minor bug fix release.

  • Fixed support for child view models at design time. #214, #358, #359, #379
  • Caliburn.Micro.Xamarin.Forms nuget package now depends on Caliburn.Micro for applications helping to ensure you have all the right packages. #323
  • Stopped extra calls to InitializeComponent in Xaamarin.Forms. #326
  • Support .NET 4.0 in the Caliburn.Micro.Start nuget package. #348
  • Ensure view model activation and deactivation is happening on back navigation in Xamarin.Forms. #342
  • ContentView bindings correctly deal with message targets in Xamarin.Forms. #349
  • Convention added for DocumentViewer in WPF. #368
  • Added some generic overloads to methods on SimpleContainer. #390
  • ViewLocator will now correctly call GetInstance for resolution of the view falling back to manual instantiation. #339

The highest impact bug fix for this release is the last one, previously the ViewModelLocator would call GetInstance to try to resolve the view model (falling back to GetAllInstances and then manual instantiation), ViewLocator however previously only called GetAllInstances.

This release makes them consistent, however it could cause problems if you’re throwing exceptions on no resolution of a service from the container. I’d recommend if you are doing this checking whether the type is assignable to UIElement (or some view type) and return null (or skip throwing the exception).